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Upgrade to version 6.19.901

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Information for beta version users

By downloading the above upgrade, you agree to become a member of Quick Devis test team. For this reason:

you accept to report any problem you may find using Quick Devis beta versions by sending an email to p.combreau@quick-devis.net

bulletyou are informed that new functions that are not included in the commercial version of Quick Devis may be not totally checked and may cause some troubles in the program.


Thank you for the remarks you'll send. Don't hesitate to send us your expectations about Quick Devis. We'll analyse them and we'll keep you informed.

Regarding your OS or your maintenance contract, you may need an older version of the product. You can download them here if the need arise: older_Quick_Devis_versions

Click the above link to download the last upgrade of Quick Devis beta version. After clicking the link, click the <open> button and let the installation program drive you.