Quick Devis Free Edition can be downloaded and used freely. It will be appropriate particularly to the craftsmen and SME who do not have all need for the power of Quick Devis Enterprise Edition. It offers a similar ergonomics to the 'Enterprise' edition and allows fast undestanding by integrated examples and a concise documentation, a fast approach of the estimating methods. It generally does not require preliminary training.

Quick Devis Free Edition is compatible in both directions with Quick Devis Enterprise Edition. However, the loading of an estimate carried out on the Enterprise version generates the suppression of the extended functionalities possibly present in the file.

Before adopting Quick Estimate Free Edition, consult the table below to take note of the fundamental differences between the two versions.


Free Edition Enterprise Edition
Viewing the customer form in Wysiwyg mode up to 250 tasks on 65'000 rows up to 32'000 tasks on 65'000 rows
Viewing the form in condensed mode No Yes
Capacity of the detailled view (detail of the tasks) 10'000 rows per task 10'000 rows per task
Customization of the detailled view Yes Yes
Customized fields in the detailled view (weights, volumes, specific calculations) No Yes
Nomenclatures multi classifications Yes - Reporting only and one estimate only Yes, interactive and multi estimates
Open export to management systems (SAP, Oracle Application...) No Yes
Reorganization of structure by drag/drop operation Yes Yes
To copy/paste tasks or branches from one estimate to the other Yes Yes
highlighting using color markers Yes Yes
Management of options By changing quantities only By assignment of quantities or by moving in a specific page
Forcing prices in the customer view No Yes
Forcing coefficients in the customer view No Yes
Automatic compensating with safeguarding of the margins No Yes
Setting of specific columns in the customer view No Yes
Export to Microsoft Excel Yes Yes
Importation from Microsoft Excel Yes Yes
Dynamic synchronization with external Microsoft Excel documents No Yes
Bidirectional integration of paper frames by scanning No Yes **
Multi access to same estimate (Workgroups) No Yes
Regroupings of branches Yes Yes
Management of the round-offs Hundredth to ten Hundredth to the million
Dynamic specifications by taking into account of Microsoft Word objects related to the estimate No Yes
Drafting of standard letters (sending, invoices...) Yes Yes
Export of follow-up frames to buils advanced invoicing, etc... No Yes
Safety by passwords Yes, on the level estimate Yes on the level estimate and/or environment
Data bases    
Articles databases Web Yes, Internet ** only Yes, Internet ** and/or Intranet
Personal databases of articles Yes Yes
Virtual databases of articles No Yes
Databases of groups No Yes, unbounded of complexity in the logic of importation
Glossaries 1'000 sets per glossary, 10'000 lines maximum per unit, a number of unlimited glossaries 1'000 sets per glossary, 10'000 lines maximum per unit, an unlimited number of glossaries
Configurators Schneider Electric * Yes Yes
Paths of the databases 1 only local way 10 ways networked way
number of databases Unlimited Unlimited
databases size 2 giga bytes maximum by base 2 giga bytes maximum not bases
Personal management of the rights on databases No Yes
Excel import/export of the articles databases Yes Yes
Importation of SQL Server, Oracle application databases... No Yes
Management of the discount values for Web databases Yes Yes
Selling prices forced in the article databases No Yes
Tree structures in the article databases Yes Yes
Microsoft Excel documents in the articles (dynamic calculations) No Yes
Microsoft Word document in the articles (technical specifications) No Yes
Updating of the articles from the detailled view Yes Yes
Recording of the articles as from the detailled view Yes Yes
Generation of bases specific to an estimate No Yes
Updating lines from a selection Yes Yes
actualization of whole estimate No Yes
Importation and valorization of Excel documents in the detailled view No Yes
Search for articles by filters Yes Yes
Automatic positioning in the bases starting from an article in the detailled view Yes Yes
Requests in open language in the article databases No Yes
Optimization of the databases Yes Yes
Environment of projects    
Calculations of environment Yes, preset Yes, completely adaptables
Compatibility with Microsoft Excel in export Yes Yes
Support of the currencies Yes, up to 99 per estimate Yes, up to 99 per estimate
Qualifications of supplies and subcontracting No Yes, up to 99
Qualification of the types of workforce (time rates) Yes, maximum 3 Yes, up to 99
Automatic determination of the coefficients of sale No Yes
Assignment of the coefficients of sale Yes, maximum 4 per estimate Yes, maximum 200 per estimate
Free tabs in calculations of environment No Yes
Importation of Excel documents in the environment No Yes
Summaries by families in the environment Yes Yes
Summaries by fields defined by the user in the environment No Yes
Summaries by manufacturers in the environment Yes Yes
Summaries by fields extended in the environment (weight, dimensions...) No Yes
Project management    
Management of the customers Yes, on local data bases Yes, on data bases local or network
Data specific to the estimates (labels...) Yes Yes, with multi estimate centralization
Centralized management of the estimates, the customers, and the types of businesses No Yes, local, network, Internet or Intranet
Drafting of standard letters Microsoft Word filled out from the data of management Yes Yes
Support of the revisions of the estimates No Yes
States, presentations    
Creating customizable reports Yes Yes
Regroupings of branches in the reports Yes Yes
Including of the detailled lines in the reports Yes Yes
Possibility of masking of retail prices No Yes
Addition of customized columns in the customer reports No Yes
Personalization of the columns in the costs reports Yes Yes
Specific fields of calculations in the columns of the costs reports No Yes
Maximum number of reports Unlimited Unlimited
Storage of reports in the estimates (traceability of the sending reports) No Yes
Values expresses in words (multi languages) in the customer reports Yes Yes
sorted editions for the pre priced markets No Yes
Customized reports (with no relation to the frame used in the estimate) No Yes
Structured trees in the reports No Yes
Exporting reports to Microsoft Excel Yes Yes
Exporting reports Microsoft Word Yes Yes
Direct exports via emailing No Yes
Access to new on line versions Free According to maintenance contract
Maintenance contract No Yes
On line training documentation No Yes
Documentation 110 pages 400 pages
Training availability Yes Not
Remote support by through the Web Cannot subscribe According to maintenance contract
Technical support by email, without guaranteed delay of answer Telephone, according to maintenance contract. Guaranteed delays.

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* SIS Automation must be installed on the station to get this functionality ** paying service *** important discount for quantities. Solutions of hirings are also proposed.